Urban Pub for Blackrose Pubs

The Millstone is a fabulous pub located in South Gosforth and not too far away from the wonderful walks of Jesmond Dene. The pub is the perfect location to either enjoy coffee with friends or an evening meal with family in a friendly, warm and delightfully colourful interior setting.


‘To design an interior which is at the opposite end of the spectrum from where we are now, like nothing you have ever designed before, to appeal to a completely new demographic whilst retaining some of the existing clientele and still feel like a local pub.’


The layout of the pub has been completely altered with structural works required to enable the space to be fully opened up. A bar servery is positioned within the heart of the interior, with a series of soft seating areas located to the periphery of the centralised bar.

The interior combines a vibrant expression of primary colours paired with darker tones of scrubbed timbers, patterned tiles, reclaimed brickwork and soft furnishings. A carefully planned lighting scheme with a selection of hanging pendant lights, table lamps and concealed LED helps to define and highlight individual areas, and features within the main body of the interior. A bespoke selection of framed artwork and a feature painted mural add to the eclectic character and vibrant, fun aesthetic of this very unique urban pub.