Refurbishment of the bar & restaurant at The Clermont for GLH Hotels.

Built in 1865 and bursting with history and tradition, The Clermont finds itself positioned on the Strand, a stone’s throw away from London’s most famous attractions.


Filled with classical characteristics originating from the hotel’s history, the interior of the bar and brasserie restaurant at The Clermont lacked any appreciation of these features. Attention to detail was vital for Fusion’s proposal, and our aim was to accentuate the traditional attributes and make the bar, brasserie restaurant and conservatory appealing to the tourists of London.


The bar layout offers a classical yet modern feel, with the bar servery being the focal point of the design.  Three arches to the back fitting with brass framework were designed and created to mimic the many arches throughout the building.  Tin-iron decorative tiles to the bar front and backfitting, brass detailing, antique mirrors and granite counter tops are the main features of the interior space.  The brass and granite details continue into the seating area, accompanying the rich blues and navies applied to the upholstery and decorations.  An accent wall mirrors the bar servery, with polished brass rods and chains suspending traditional prints and designs, relating to the building’s history.  Lighting within this interior space creates a soft ambience, with the pendant sitting centrally within the existing, classical ceiling alcove.

The bar then flows into the brasserie restaurant, a large space with high ceilings, providing guests with the perfect dining experience.  Immersed with traditional features, the restaurant offers deep-buttoned back-to-back seating, accompanied with plush velvet roll top chairs, all with a bullion fringe detail.  A traditional bespoke carpet insert sits centrally in the space, surrounded by a flamed mid-oak herringbone timber flooring.  Dramatic chandeliers plumet from the high ceilings and provide soft lighting to the space.   Gold accents are heavily scattered around the restaurant, creating a premium feel.

The design gracefully flows into the conservatory area, with a classical mosaic tile and a carpet insert to the floor to differentiate the two areas.  Overlooking the streets of London, the conservatory is flooded with natural light.  Deep buttoned dining settles with bullion fringes line the perimeter of the space, accompanied with wicker and timber chairs.

Green, reds, minks, mustards, and blues upholster the furniture, with the colour palette also replicated in the decorations.  The use of the wall paints allows to accentuate the decorative and ornate mouldings and carvings.  Scatter cushions with brush fringes, delicate voiles and planting complete the design, making this interior space truly memorable.