Bringing fast and unique pizza to Birmingham

The second site for @pizza, the first being Edinburgh, opened in February 2019 at Grand Central, in Birmingham New Street station.  The restaurant features urban materials and the brand’s striking monochrome theme throughout which complements the fast and unique way to order pizza.


The concept is a development of the Edinburgh site, also designed by our team, progressed by using different textures and materials, illuminated in different and interesting ways. We created the site-specific concept, to explicitly capture peoples attention and draw them in as the site is within the Grand Central shopping centre, so there is lots close competition. Such a bold and striking interior is different and echoes the exclusive food offering. Providing a fast and unique way to order pizza; diners can either select their own toppings or choose from one of @pizza’s favourite recommendations and have their pizza cooked in 90 seconds. The @pizza packaging, which includes pizza boxes and soda cups, is made from vegetables and is 100% compostable – in-line with the company’s ongoing commitment to sustainability. We worked with @pizza marketing team and graphics team to develop the logo and all of the staff uniforms and packaging.


The design is intended to create an atmospheric environment with a visually striking and dramatic interior to compliment the cool background music. The unit itself is centrally located within the main food court area, and the main thing customers will see is the dynamic lighting. A double LED neon @pizza sign also wraps up a wall and onto the ceiling, so it’s multipurpose, a signage point but a source of illumination. LED zigzags at high level also guide the customers on a journey through the small space to the jet black counter

The challenge of this project was that it was very small space, but the beauty of @pizza’s operations means that they don’t need much back of house equipment, everything is on show. Everything is contained in a very small footprint and is delivered on a very efficient budget.