Cocktail Time!

Following The Stonegate Pub Company acquisition of  ‘Be At One’ cocktail bars, Fusion By Design were approached to develop and refurbish sites to expand this portfolio of premium cocktail bars.


The brief was to maintain the core features of the existing design and operation using reflective materials, metal bar back fitting, feature bar fronts, tiled walls and neon messages, but with a twist to reflect the evolution of the brand. Fusion By Design created a new palette of materials and finishes to elevate the premium perception whilst maintaining the vibrant and energetic operation.

The bar counter and back fittings use a mixture of 3D metallic tiles, quilted sheet metal and mirrors to create warmth, sparkle and movement from reflections. The bars are very theatrical areas where bar tenders regularly stand on the units, swing lights, climb the back fitting and throw ice as part of their performance, our choice in materials needed to reflect this exhilarating use.


The design challenge was to offer a very hard wearing and robust work-space for the bar tender’s whilst having a cost effective, premium appearance. This was done with the use of mirrors, gold metal framework, granite bar tops and effective lighting. Timber wall panelling, mirrors, leather seating and polished brass light fittings complete the premium appearance in general bar areas.

Be At One Berkeley Square, Liverpool Street and Regent Street are sites with multiple floors offering an energetic nightclub space to compliment their cocktail bars. These vibrant and high energy club spaces are design with specialist LED lighting as their key feature. Liverpool Streets dance floor is flooded with light from an LED pixel tape ceiling, whereas Regent Street and Berkeley Square benefit from a wrap around LED lighting wall, all fully customisable with differing lighting effects. Strategically placed mirrors also reflect these effects creating an infinity wall of light and colour.