Elegant Restaurant & Bar for Stonegate

We created a well-crafted elegant space that acknowledges the long-standing heritage of The Living Room brand whilst also re-establishing the venue within the ever-expanding Manchester hospitality circuit. The client emphasised the need for the scheme to provide quality detailing and finishes, a luxurious palette of materials and a classically stylish atmosphere that would provide long lasting style.


The site is divided across three floors with spaces that were previously very segregated, therefore the scheme required that we connect these from a visual aspect and from the perspective of the customer and their journey through the scheme. The connection is achieved through the introduction of a mezzanine balcony accessed by a feature central staircase, allowing vistas from the first floor to the ground and linking the spaces. The nature of the separate second and third floor snug bars allowed us to introduce very different identities to these areas creating snugs and unique dens.


The resulting project delivers style and elegance re-establishing The Living Room brand as a stylish premium destination. The light, pastel colour scheme enhances the previously oppressive spaces and the introduction of the mezzanine balcony have transformed the way the unit trades connecting the previously isolated restaurant space to the main ground floor bar area.

Working to a tight programme and with a short project lead in, it wasn’t without its difficulties. It challenged our specification network and ensured that we worked closely with our UK based suppliers.