Meet The Team

Paula Jepmond
  • LIKES: Laughing; Time With The Family; Me Time;  Accessories; Dining Out; Working
  • DISLIKES: Jealousy; Maths; Exercise; Cooking; Lazy people; Moody people; Jelly

Vicky Davies

  • LIKES: Strong Sweet Coffee; Cats; Ashtanga Yoga; Visting YSP; Modernism; Light Nights
  • DISLIKES: Mince Pies; Limp Handshakes; Text Talk; Wonky Lines; Dark Mornings

C Harvey
  • LIKES: Running; Mediterranean hills & shores; Music; Happy souls; Modernism; Good Coffee
  • DISLIKES: Unnecessary noise; Food science; Bad teeth; Dirty shoes; Watercress; Bad Coffee

Miriam Hope
  • LIKES: Space Planning; Detailing; Listed Buildings; Tea; Time With Family & Friends
  • DISLIKES: Where Would You Like Me To Start!

Paul Brumwell
  • LIKES: Bikes; Good Grub; Pubs; Yorkshire; Cornwall; Rugby League; Live Music; Sketching
  • DISLIKES: Bad Grub; Rudeness; Bad Design; The Dissolution Of Hand Drawing Techniques

Caroline Simmons2
  • LIKES: Sofa Sundays; Internet Shopping; Out With family & Friends; Pilates; Travel; Pinterest
  • DISLIKES: Cucumber; Lilly Allen; Coughers On Trains; Cold Weather; Cad Hatching; Dawdlers

  • LIKES: Being a Dad; Running; Meals Out; Instagram; Travel; Street Art; Pinterest 
  • DISLIKES: Ignorance, Bad Style, Marmite, Lazy Design, Bleach Smell, Slow Drivers

Cheryl Duerden1
  • LIKES: Sunny Days; Marmite; Patricia Urquiola; Playing Trains With My Son; Pintrest
  • DISLIKES: Wotsits; Rainy Days; House Work; Magnolia Paint; Non Punctual People

David Lowe
  • LIKES: Manners; Weekends Away; Meals With Friends & Family; Walks; Golf; Breaking Bad
  • DISLIKES: Bad Manners; People Who Are Late; Bad Technology; Butter Beans; Justin Bieber

Jennifer Danks
  • LIKES: Gin n Tonic; Lazy Breakfast; Holidays; Running & Snowboarding
  • DISLIKES: Comic Sans; Poor grammar; Bad Customer Service

Matthew Fletcher
  • LIKES: Outdoor Adventures; Real Ale; Spicy Cuisine; Tea; Time with friends & family
  • DISLIKES: Mess; Reality TV; Ice Cream; Motorway Traffic; Inconsiderate People; Cad Hatch

Newsha Missaghi
  • LIKES: Christmas trees; Cultures; Organizing; Polished concrete; Nutella; Chanel
  • DISLIKES: Neverendinghashtags#; Pickled ginger; Treadmills; Spiders; Being late

  • LIKES: Cocktails; Holidays; Going To The Zoo; Chick Flicks; Lie Ins; My Mini; Cold Drinks
  • DISLIKES: Hot Drinks; Crowded Trains; Grumpy People; Lightning; Bad Handwriting

  • LIKES: Electronic Music; Design Detail; Motorcycling; Urban Art; Wasabi; Jack Daniels
  • DISLIKES: Cooked Mushrooms; Arrogance & Ignorance; Sloppy Cad; Grime Music

Teodora Gavril The Young one
  • LIKES: Gin & Tonic; Nutella; Summer Evenings; Tea; Dining Out; The Lion King
  • DISLIKES: Dark Mornings; Arrogance; Moths; Slow Walkers

Design services

Fusion by Design are able to offer a fully tailored design service from conception to completion. Experienced in all of the below services, we can accommodate your needs tailoring our service to suit you:

  • Interior design including consultancy

  • Site survey

  • Full tender drawing packages

  • Local authority applications

  • Sample boards

  • Hand drawn & computer generated visuals

  • On site project management and QS services

  • Graphics and corporate identity

What We Do

Restaurants & Eateries

Where an eating experience dictates customer spend, the feel, ambiance and overall design is the key to a successful outlet, we aim to work with operators to develop new ideas, themes and brands, as well as breathe new life into sites that are well established.

Public Houses

Whether it’s a traditional local or a food led country inn, we have over 25 years of experience of working with a number of the leading industry brands. This means we are able to combine our experiences and design expertise to create a destination that both the client and customer desire.


Contemporary design, materials, imagery and technology are all considered in cutting edge bar design. As followers of the latest social and drinking trends, fashions and branding we ensure we deliver great design for our clients in this highly competitive market.


Whether a petite coaching inn, a unique Boutique bolthole or a requirement to refresh guestrooms, that have seen better days, we are able to accommodate your requirements. We are able to tailor our experiences to your project requirements.